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Manual or CNC Machining

K&B Machine Shop

Whether you need a one off prototype, a small or large production run, or a job shop repair let us provide your machining needs .

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Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying Machining Needs

“K&B Machine Shop is the one we rely upon for our short run production needs. They produce what we need at a competitive price.”

Jenna and John Myrick (Base Lab Tools)

"I own a small business and K&B got me back servicing my customers.
For example: "My tow truck outriggers were stolen. K&B Machine quickly helped me get my truck operational and my business back on track by fabricating new outriggers and he also helped create a way to lock them to my truck." - Bob "My old dependable mower broke and K&B fabricated parts that I just couldn't find." - Don

Wards Towing Service & Dynamite Lawn Care

“While getting K&B to design and produce a spinning bike axil wrench I had sent my race truck for some work and the mechanic lost one of my headers. Thanks to K&B they used the other side to fabricate a new one - for a totally reasonable price and I'm back on the track competing for first place.”

Ken Northern (Fitness Service Plus)

"We provide high pressure water diffuser and fountain applications worldwide. K&B has done great work for our short run production needs."

Eglin Industries

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